Knauf Insulation Ticks All the Boxes

Knauf Earthwool Insulation Ticks All the Boxes

Pricewise Insulation is one of New Zealand’s popular retailers of thermal and acoustic insulation. One of their most popular brands is Knauf Earthwool. Earthwool segments are made from fiberglass, similar to most other brands of bulk insulation. However, this German brand of insulation has gained significant popularity due to several distinct features which helped to set it apart from other recognized brands.

An Industry First – Low Itch Glasswool

Since its invention, fiberglass insulation has been associated with itching and discomfort. While some have been worse than others all were more or less itchy to work with. Knauf developed Earthwool to be the least itchy glasswool insulation on the market. In addition to the total absence of any nasty chemicals, Knauf insulation segments contain longer and softer strands compared to other types of glasswool. Fewer strands means fewer ends, which are the primary cause of discomfort when handling glasswool.

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More Segments Per Pack = Savings For All

Insulation segments of all makes come in polybags and the amount of square metre coverage in the bag largely depends on the r-value (and thickness) of the insulation in the bag. Earthwool is packaged using advanced compression packaging technology, meaning one bag of Earthwool may contain over twice as much insulation as other brands of the same r-value. This is a real cost saver for suppliers, builders and installers alike. Earthwool insulation retailers can thus store far more Earthwool insulation than any other brand in the same warehousing situation, reducing the overall cost of storage. Builders and DIY renovators inevitably save on transport costs as a smaller delivery vehicle may suffice. Insulation installers themselves also benefit as there are fewer bags to carry around on building sites and into roof cavities, fewer bags to open and fewer bags to dispose of.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe to Work With

In addition to the above-mentioned features, Earthwool shares all the benefits generally associated with glasswool insulation. Fire safety considerations are a key component of good building design. Earthwool is completely non-combustible, meaning that it won’t burn in the event of a fire. Knauf Insulation contains no added formaldehyde and is non-hydroscopic, meaning it doesn’t adsorb airborne moisture.  It is safe to handle and install and requires no special protective equipment. It is, however, always recommended to use protective glasses and a dust mask, especially if working in very dusty environments, ie. old roof cavities, or when installing insulation above your head.

Savings on Energy Bills Far Exceed Initial Cost

If you decide to install Knauf Insulation yourself in your home, use common sense and follow basic safety procedures and recommendations which are available on the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively, if you’re not the DIY type, you might be better off booking in a professional insulation installer to do the job for you. Earthwool insulation is a quality glasswool product and comes with a 50-year manufacturer’s warranty. Over the course of the life of the home you can expect your initial investment in Knauf insulation to be saved back many times over.

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