Pink Batts vs Earthwool Glasswool


So which product is actually better, when you compare Pink Batts vs Earthwool Glasswool? Well that may depend on what’s most important to you.

Pink Batts vs Earthwool Glasswool

What is insulation made of?

First let’s look at the similarities. Both Pink Batts and Earthwool Glasswool are “glasswool” insulation products, and in large part made from sand and recycled glass bottles. Both Pink Batts and Earthwool Glasswool insulation segments are available in a variety of “R-values” to suit different climates.

The benefits of insulation are the same

When comparing Pink Batts vs Earthwool Glasswool it’s important to realise that once the insulation is installed, the thermal benefit is practically the same. So an R2.0 wall insulation segment will give you the same thermal protection, regardless of whether it is branded Pink Batts or Earthwool, or any other brand for that matter. Pink Batts comes with a “life time guarantee” and Earthwool comes with a standard 50 year guarantee, which in practice means you can expect the insulation to last as long as your home.

Storage and Handling

Earthwool Glasswool Insulation has gained popularity in recent years primarily for two reasons. Firstly, it uses a different binder, which makes it less itchy to work with. This is a real plus for DIY home renovators, not to mention professional installers who work with insulation on a daily basis. Secondly,  Earthwool comes in a highly compressed packaging, which can significantly reduce the need for on site storage space, and also help to reduce freight costs if you’re paying the full cost to get the insulation delivered to your home or on site.

Convenience and Flexibility

Earthwool insulation will typically need to be shipped out in in large bales, which can be inconvenient in particular for small owner-builders. For this reason many customers prefer Pink Batts, as there is no minimum order quantity and local pickup and delivery is available practically anywhere in New Zealand.


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