Commercial Insulation

Commercial Insulation Brands

Pricewise Insulation offers different types of insulation products for commercial use from Knauf, Autex and Bradford Insulation. Many of the products we sell online are suitable for residential applications as well.

Big Projects, Huge Savings

If you have an upcoming commercial job and need insulation then please give us a call on 0800 697 742 or visit our contact us page for project pricing.

Acoustic Insulation and Polystyrene 

Our commercial insulation range includes acoustic polyester products, glasswool insulation and expanded polystyrene board.

Save Energy – Warmer in Summer and Cooler in Winter

If you’re lucky enough to live in a house with proper home insulation, then you will already be benefiting from a sizable reduction in your power bills. Thermal insulation is highly effective in reducing the transfer of heat. During summer, it will stop warm air from coming into your home as well as keeping cool air inside. In winter it will stop cold air coming into your home as well as keeping the warm air inside.

Adjusting the thermostat on your air-conditioning unit

In extreme climates, such as the New Zealand winter, one of the simplest ways to save even more energy, is to adjust the settings on your home air-conditioner. Basically, the greater the difference between the outside temperature and the temperature you set on your air-conditioner – the harder the air-conditioning unit will need to work to maintain your preferred indoor temperature. While 22 degrees might seem like a perfect, year round temperature, being a bit flexible can save you money. Try setting it to 25 degrees in summer and 20 degrees in winter, and enjoy the savings.

Deciduous trees: shading the building in summer, letting sunlight through in winter

Another way to save energy is to plant deciduous trees on the sides of the building which are most exposed to the hot afternoon sun. This will keep the external walls cooler in summer, but the trees will allow the sunlight to pass through in winter.