11kg/m3 | Knauf Earthwool® Glasswool Internal Wall Acoustic Insulation | 600mm

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The Knauf Earthwool® glasswool insulation range  has been designed to meet or exceed the New Zealand Building Code at incredibly costs effective prices.

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Knauf Acoustic Insulation | Made from Low – Itch Earthwool

The Knauf acoustic insulation range is made from Earthwool, and has been designed to meet or exceed the New Zealand Building Code in an cost effective way.

Knauf acoustic sound insulation segments and rolls are designed to be flexible and can be used in wall, ceiling, underfloor and sound absorbing applications. Earthwool acoustic insulation is rot-proof, non-hygroscopic (doesn’t absorb airborne moisture), has practically no smell, does not sustain vermin and will not encourage the growth of mould, fungi or bacteria. It does not contain added phenol, formaldehyde or artificial colours (dyes) and is provided with a 50 year warranty from the manufacturer Knauf Insulation.

Noise, Stress and Sound Insulation

The primary reason to install insulation is to reduce the effect of outside temperatures inside your home. Properly installed thermal insulation will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. But when choosing insulation, you may also want to consider acoustic insulation, which reduces the transfer of noise. Excessive exposure to unwanted noise can lead to stress, sleep disturbance and numerous other health complications.

Knauf Acoustic Insulation – an Investment for Life

Acoustic insulation is an investment for the life of your home. When deciding whether or not to invest in acoustic insulation, consider the long term use of the home, remembering that it’s far cheaper to install wall insulation at the time of building or renovation works, than after the walls are finished with plaster or other wall lining. If you appreciate the quiet enjoyment of your own home, consider installing Knauf Acoustic Insulation in the external, as well as internal walls of your home. If overheard noise such as aircraft is an issue, acoustic insulation can also be installed inside the ceiling in one or several layers, depending on the severity of the noise and which R-Value you would like to achieve.

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