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Autex GreenStuf® Acoustic Polyester Insulation Blanket (AAB) 40-100

Greenstuf® AAB Acoustic Polyester Insulation Blanket is a thermally bonded 100% polyester blanket which has excellent acoustic transmission control and noise absorption properties. Typical uses include infill insulation for stud walls and inter floor construction. Building uses include inter-tenancy fit outs, noise critical partitions in commercial office, educational buildings and hospitals. AAB is available in a range of densities and thicknesses to suit the specific application.

Common Applications – Acoustic Polyester Insulation

GreenStuf® AAB has been engineered to maximize sound absorption for the control of reverberated noise in building interiors. AAB is ideal for managing noise in theatres, studios, auditoriums, halls, offices, retail and indoor swimming pool complexes. AAB can also be used in marine applications, as acoustic baffles, acoustic infill for silencers and louvres, and insulation for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Technical info on Autex’s Acoustic Polyester Insulation

Durability: GreenStuf® has a 50 Year Durability Warranty.
Vermin: GreenStuf® is naturally resistant to insect and vermin attack.
Product Format: The product Nominal Thickness is the off-line manufactured thickness. Packaging, storage and handling may affect the “out of the pack” thickness. This is not considered a manufacturing fault.

Moisture: GreenStuf® is not affected by moisture. Exposure to an atmosphere of 50°C at 90% relative humidity for four days showed moisture absorption by weight of less than 0.03%.

Hazardous Building Materials: GreenStuf® is non hazardous.
VOC concentration: 0.01 mg/m³ (7 days).
GECA/GreenGuard Limit: 0.25 mg/m³ (7 days).
Cetec Pty Ltd (Report:RCV080408)
Non-Corrosive: GreenStuf® polyester is pH7.8 (pH7 is neutral).
Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic, Non-Irritant: There are no known hazards with the use or handling of GreenStuf® polyester.
MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available on request or by visiting the manufacturers website www.autex.com.au
Non-Flammable: GreenStuf® is classified non-flammable.
GreenStuf Acoustic Blanket has been tested  and certified non-flammable and complies with the requirements of IEC 60695-11-5.

AS ISO 9705:2003
Australian Group Number: Group 1
SMOGRARC: less than 100m2/s2
Test Number: FAR4045
Ignitability Index (0-20) 0
Heat Evolved Index (0-10) 0
Spread of Flame Index (0-10) 0
Smoke Developed Index (0-10) 3
APL Report 98055
IEC 60695-11-5 (Downlight Fire Test Standard)

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