430mm | Autex GreenStuf® Polyester Ceiling Insulation Pads

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GreenStuf Thermal Ceiling Insulation Pads

GreenStuff ceiling insulation pads are manufactured from 100% polyester thermal insulation segments pre-cut to fit common ceilings joist spacings. These ceiling insulation pads are also suitable to be used between floors.

GreenStuf thermal pads are designed for the thermal insulation of residential and commercial buildings and are a popular option in New Zealand homes.

It’s not difficult to calculate how many bags of insulation you need for your ceiling. Simply multiply the total length of the ceiling by the total width, to get the square metres area of the ceiling. Then take off 10%, to factor in timber framing, and divide this number by the amount of square metres in a bag. Round up to the nearest bag, keeping in mind that if you have any left-over insulation, there’s no harm in installing a double layer of insulation to use up any extra insulation material.

Delivered straight to your door

We can arrange to have your GreenStuf insulation order delivered straight to your door! For more information on delivery pricing, visit our delivery information page. As an added benefit, GreenStuf thermal ceiling insulation will improve sound reduction by reducing the resonating noise inside the construction cavity. GreenStuf thermal ceiling insulation comes conveniently packaged for easy storage and transport. It is non toxic, non allergenic, non irritant, non flammable, and is naturally resistant to insects and vermin.

Visit our DIY page for information on how to install insulation.

Small Retrofit DIY Ceiling Installs – Is it a one-man job?

While it’s fully possible for one person to install insulation, before you take the plunge and go it alone, there are a couple of important factors to consider.

Check the size of the manhole and compare with the insulation bag (unopened). If there is barely room to push the unopened bag through and into the ceiling, then you have three possible options:

    1. Get someone to help you. This is by far the best option, and will make the whole job a lot easier.
    2. Split open the bag, and load the pieces manually up into the ceiling – this is very time consuming, and not recommended.
    3. Load the insulation bags through the roof. This will only work where the roof is tiled, and it comes with its own challenges, not least securing yourself against the risk of falls. This method also depends on fine weather.

Installing insulation in existing roof spaces is tough work, and wherever possible we would recommend you to tackle it together with another person. Avoid climbing up into a ceiling space in very hot weather, and if you must install during summer time, aim to start as early as possible and make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Need advice or a quote?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your ceiling insulation project with us, give us a call on 0800 697 742 or send an email directly to our office on sales@pricewiseinsulation.co.nz. We look forward to hearing from you!

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