580mm | Knauf Earthwool® Glasswool Thermal and Acoustic Wall Insulation

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The Earthwool® glasswool: Thermal and Acoustic wall batt range is a new generation of softer, safer and more environmentally friendly glasswool insulation.

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Knauf Earthwool® Glasswool Thermal and Acoustic Wall Insulation | 580mm

The Earthwool® Glasswool: Thermal and Acoustic Wall insulation range is a new generation of softer, safer and more environmentally friendly glasswool insulation.

Advanced compression packaging reduces handling time and the storage space required on-site.

Although the product is primarily designed for use in external walls, due to its high density it can also be used for internal walls to reduce some of the sound transmission from room to room. The density ratings of these products are:

  • R2.6HD – approx. 20kg/m3
  • R2.8HD – approx. 27kg/m3

It is thermally efficient and cost effective in saving energy and providing increased comfort in buildings. If soundproofing is a high priority, it is recommended to install a high density thermal and acoustic insulation instead of ordinary wall insulation.

Convenient Sized Insulation Segments for Fast Installation

Knauf Earthwool glasswool wall insulation segments are available in thicknesses to suit 90mm and 140mm timber and metal frames.

Earthwool glasswool thermal and acoustic wall insulation segments provide a cost-effective thermal and acoustic barrier for energy-efficient construction. The consistent quality, low dust, and clean-cutting resilient glasswool make fabrication easy and installation fast. Earthwool wall insulation can be used in timber and metal frame applications in residential structures. These applications include thermal and acoustic treatments to walls, ceilings and floors.

Knauf Insulation offers Earthwool glasswool thermal and acoustic wall insulation in a wide range of sizes and R-values. Earthwool glasswool can be used for cavity walls, floors, ceilings, attics, basements and crawlspaces. It is highly resilient, recovering quickly to full thickness. It also greatly reduces the transmission of noise in the home.

Tips for Handling Insulation

Insulation is typically a very bulky product. It comes in bags that weigh between 8 and 18kg, and these bags are typically wrapped in plastic to form “bales” of insulation, that contain 4 or 5 bags. Bales are also sometimes referred to as ‘masterpacks’, and one bale of Earthwool can weigh more than 70kg. Moving these around by hand can prove difficult if you don’t have the luxury of a forklift when receiving your delivery of insulation, or when you need to move it around the building site. But providing you are reasonably fit and apply the correct technique, you can move it around quite easily, saving time as well as your back.
Instead of trying to drag or carry the bale, lift it so that it is standing in upright (this is easier if you have a second person). Once the bale is standing, brace yourself behind it and push it forward, using your body weight to assist. The bale will start rolling forward, so walk after it, pushing as you go.
This works best on even ground, particularly driveways, as there is little chance of the bale tipping sideways. But if you find the task too difficult, split the bale open and drag or carry the bags individually.

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