Autex Greenstuf® Polyester Baffle Block Sound Control Rolls

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Baffle Block Sound Control Insulation Rolls

QuietStuf® Baffle Block ® is designed for use above new or existing STC rated partition walls to enhance the acoustic privacy between office spaces.

Autex QuietStuf® is a range of quality 100% polyester acoustic insulation products for ceilings, walls and floors. QuietStuf® products are thermally bonded bulk-fibre insulation materials manufactured from polyester fibres. QuietStuf® Baffle Block ® is a non-irritant acoustic insulation material designed to be layer stacked above partition walls to significantly reduce sound transmission through the ceiling plenum space. QuietStuf® Baffle Block  is supplied as lofted blue-tinted insulation rolls pre-cut to 600mm wide.

QuietStuf® Baffle Block ® is manufactured using the latest in polyester fibre technology to ensure superior acoustic performance. Autex Baffle Block has a 10 year history of testing and successful use in the NZ market and is fully backed by Autex Industries Ltd with a 50 year durability warranty.

Autex Baffle Block – Safe, User Friendly Acoustic Insulation

BaffleBlock® is manufactured under strict ISO 9001 Quality Control Systems. QuietStuf® polyester products are completely safe and user-friendly so no protective clothing is required to handle the product. BaffleBlock® can be easily re-used should partition walls be moved or space functionality change. Baffle Block® is incredibly easy to install and will mold itself around ducting and services eliminating gaps and holes as potential sound paths.
BaffleBlock® is non-carcinogenic and its use supports safer indoor air quality. QuietStuf® Baffle Block ® will not slump or settle over time (50+ year durability rating) and is not affected by moisture, mould or mildew. BaffleBlock® is naturally resistant to insect and vermin attack.

Installation of Baffle Block

BaffleBlock® is dimensionally stable and if installed correctly will not be affected by building movement. It contains a high percentage of previously recycled polyester fibre (from PET plastic) and is reusable and/or recyclable at end of life – supporting the philosophies of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD). Baffle Block ® must be installed with at least enough compression to ensure stack stability and a tight fit to all surfaces including slab, roof or floor above. No gaps must be allowed through the stack. Baffle Block can be installed to a height of 1m without specialist design considerations. Above this height consideration must be given to the stack stability and weight loading restrictions on the ceiling tiles and grid system. Other options are available for plenum heights above 1m. Where the ceiling plenum is used as an active return for the air conditioning system ensure airflow is not significantly reduced. It is advisable to consult a Mechanical Services Engineer to ensure the use of Baffle Block® will not result in a loss of effective air movement. Existing services, ducting, ceiling grid supports and fire control and detection devices must not be affected by the installation of Baffle Block®. Baffle Block ® should not be used where temperatures exceed 160ºC. Where flues or similar heat emitting items pass through the insulation, a 150mm venting gap should be left between that item and the insulation.

Environmentally Friendly 100% Polyester

QuietStuf® products are manufactured in NZ by Autex Industries Limited and are produced using 100% polyester fibre without the need for any chemical binding agents or adhesives. QuietStuf® does not contain, release or use any restricted ozone depleting substances in its composition or manufacture. There are no known hazards with the use or handling of Autex polyester insulation materials. QuietStuf® is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-irritant. QuietStuf® BaffleBlock® contains a minimum of 45% previously recycled fibre (from PET plastic) and is completely recyclable at end of life. QuietStuf® is manufactured under Autex’s Zero Waste Policy where manufacturing waste is recycled or reprocessed into other products. QuietStuf® polyester fibres are not of a respirable size and will never become a potential airborne health risk providing for safer indoor air quality.

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