Autex GreenStuf® Polyester Building Insulation Blanket (BIB)

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Building Insulation Blanket (BIB) | Autex GreenStuf

GreenStuf® Building Insulation Blanket is a 100% polyester thermal building insulation product. GreenStuf® BIB is a non-irritant thermally efficient insulation material designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of commercial and industrial roofs. To ensure Building Code compliance Autex recommends that architects and building designers consult the relevant New Zealand standards before specifying thermal and acoustic insulation products.

Acoustic Performance: GreenStuf® BIB will assist in reducing reverberant noise in enclosed spaces such as gymnasiums and warehouses and will assist in the attenuation of rain and other noise sources.

Moisture: GreenStuf® is not affected by moisture. Exposure to an atmosphere of 50°C at 90% relative humidity for four days showed moisture absorption by weight of less than 0.03%.

Non-Flammable: GreenStuf® is classified non-flammable Hazardous Building Materials: GreenStuf® is non-hazardous.

Non-Corrosive: GreenStuf® polyester is pH 7.8 (pH7 is neutral).

Installation of Building Insulation Blanket

It is recommended that all acoustic and thermal insulation be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and design detail. Insulation can be laid either between or under the purlins, or between the ceiling joists. An air-gap should be provided under the underlay. Insulation installed touching the underlay can cause condensation and over time may cause corrosion of the underside of the cladding. If insulation is placed above the rafter and takes up the full purlin depth, air movement is inhibited. To provide sufficient ventilation, it is necessary to use a counter-batten to provide an air-gap between the insulation and underlay. The use of counter-battens requires a sufficient number of fixings to transmit the up-lift wind loads through the roof structure, and allow extra penetration depth of the cladding fixings to meet the appropriate withdrawal resistance values.

R-Values and Nominal Thickness of GreenStuf Building Insulation Blanket

This product is available in R-Values ranging from R1.0 through to R4.5, in thicknesses from 50mm to 210mm, to suit practically any requirements.

There are no known hazards relating to the use or handling of Greenstuf® or other forms of thermally bonded 100% polyester insulation produced by Autex. No protective clothing or gloves are required when handling Autex insulation. There is no dust content in the products and any free fibres which may be present are not of respirable size.

Delivery Options – GreenStuf Insulation

We deliver GreenStuf Building insulation all over New Zealand, typically within 2-4 business days. Bulk order discounts are available. Give us a call to discuss. If you have a commercial project coming up requiring building insulation blanket, please contact us on 0800 697 742 or send an email to We look forward to working with you to make your next insulation project a success.

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R1.0, R1.5, R1.8, R2.2, R2.6, R3.2, R3.4




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