Autex GreenStuf® Polyester Eco Wrap – Hot Water Cylinder Wrap

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GreenStuf Eco Wrap: Hot Water Cylinder Wrap Insulation

GreenStuf Eco Wrap ® is a durable, thermally efficient insulation wrap designed to insulate older electric hot water cylinders. GreenStuf Eco Wrap ® reduces heat loss through the hot water cylinder, keeping water hotter for longer and allowing significant savings in water heating costs. EcoWrap consists of a polyester blanket laminated to a foil jacket and comes as a simple self-install DIY kit.

Hot water cylinders are a major energy user, and without insulation a significant amount of heat will escape, increasing the demand for energy.

When deciding the extent to which you should insulate your hot water cylinder, there are two key factors to note. One is the climate you live in, and the other is where the hot water cylinder is located. The hot water cylinder will generate heat, and the less insulation there is, the more heat will dissipate into the air. If you live in a hot climate, and the hot water cylinder happens to be located inside the living areas of the home, then it should be insulated. Similarly, if the unit is outside, in a garage, insulting with Polyester Eco wrap will save energy both in the short and longer term. However in a cold climate, an indoor hot water unit will contribute to warming the room it is in, so if this is desirable, then there may be little purpose in insulating the hot water cylinders. In newer homes it’s less common to find hot water cylinders inside the homes themselves, and in particular gas water heaters will almost always be installed away from living areas.

Regardless of where the hot water heater is located, (indoor or outdoor) it is recommended to be serviced once a year by a licensed technician. .

Autex – environmentally friendly products since 1967

Autex has been manufacturing polyester insulation products in New Zealand for around 50 years. The famous GreenStuf insulation range has gained huge popularity due to its non-itch handling. Polyester is another name for PT Plastics, commonly associated with plastic soft-drink bottles. Polyester is extremely soft and comfortable to work with and GreenStuf insulation contains no breathable fibres. The polyester used in manufacturing Autex’s Eco Wrap is 100% re-usable in Autex’s own manufacturing process, meaning none of it needs to end up as landfill. No skin protection is required from working with GreenStuf. It’s as soft to touch as your doona or pillow at home!

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