Autex Greenstuf® Sound Solution | Polyester Sound Insulation Rolls

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Polyester Sound Insulation Rolls | Autex GreenStuf

Autex’s polyester sound insulation rolls are designed for timber framed residential and light commercial applications. This popular insulation material is supplied in snugly packed insulation rolls and is pre-cut to fit standard timber framed walls and mid-floor joist spacings.

GreenStuf Sound Solution polyester sound insulation rolls are ideally suited for use in timber framed walls and mid-floor cavities for reducing airborne sound transfer. Further improvements in acoustic performance can be achieved by using acoustically rated plasterboard, multiple layers of plasterboard, or by isolating the plasterboard from the stud.

Do I need polyester sound insulation?

Sound insulation can make a huge difference to the home environment, assisting to reduce sound transfer between rooms and hindering unwelcome noise from outside from entering the home, contributing to a more pleasant environment.

Excessive exposure to unwanted outside noise can lead to stress, sleep disturbance and has been linked to many other health complications. Road traffic is one of the biggest sources of noise pollution. Persistent noise within the home, for example music, tumble dryers and kitchen appliances, can also have a negative impact on quality of life in the home. There are two primary reasons to consider installing sound insulation rolls in your home. The one is to reduce outside noise such as traffic, aircraft, barking dogs etc. from entering the building interior. Typically, this means installing high density thermal and acoustic insulation in the external wall of the home, which forms an effective sound barrier. Sound insulation is often useful within the internal walls of the home. Use common sense when considering this additional investment, and think long term, remembering that it’s far easier and cheaper to install acoustic insulation rolls during the new building project. Media/TV rooms, studios, bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries should be first on the priority list.

Benefits of GreenStuf Polyester Sound Insulation

GreenStuf polyester sound insulation rolls are non toxic, non allergenic, non irritant, non flammable and are naturally resistant to insects and vermin.

GreenStuf® has a 50 Year Durability Warranty.

Rw is the industry accepted means of determining a material or assembly’s ability to resist airborne sound transfer. A higher Rw rating blocks more noise from transmitting through a construction system. GreenStuf® Sound Solution® will assist in reducing the resonating noise inside the construction cavity. Typical improvement in sound transmission loss through walls with the use of Sound Solution® is an increase of 5-8 Rw points, effectively reducing loud voices to a slight murmur.

Each GreenStuf polyester insulation roll includes manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the insulation. Check out our D.I.Y install page for more general tips and advice on installing your own insulation.

Need advice on polyester sound insulation?

For advice or a quote on your next insulation project, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 697 742 or send an email to We look forward to helping you with you next insulation project!


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