Bradford Optimo Underfloor Insulation

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Insulation batts are the among the most popular insulation product for underfloor areas, and floor insulation is essential to maximise the benefit of any home insulation project.

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Bradford Optimo Underfloor Insulation

Even where homes are well-insulated in the ceilings and walls, households could still be losing as much as 15 – 20% of their heating and cooling through the floor. Optimo is an exceptionally rigid, high density insulation with excellent thermal and acoustic properties, specifically developed to increase the comfort, energy efficiency and safety of homes with timber floors.

With all these benefits you won’t get cold feet!

  • Easy to install
  • With an R-Value of 2.6, Optimo is the ultimate in comfort
  • R-Value that exceeds the building code
  • Available in 2 sizes to accommodate 450mm & 600mm joist centres
  • Water repellent
  • Softer feel for easy handling
  • High recycled content
  • 100% bio-soluble, posing no risk to health
  • Low irritant and low allergen
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Will not settle over time
  • Will not ignite or burn and can hinder the spread of flame

Which Bradford Optimo is right for me?

The first decision to make is what width of Bradford Optimo to use. If the timber floor joists are spaced at a standard 450mm or 600mm from centre to centre, then either the 415mm or 565mm Optimo Underfloor insulation will fit perfectly. If you find that the spacing between some of the joists is irregular, you may need to use a sharp knife and cut the insulation to fit. Allow around 5mm extra on either side to ensure a tight fit between the underfloor joists.

You will also need to consider which R-Value insulation you need. This relates to the effectiveness of the insulation. “R” stands for “resistance”, so the higher the R-value the better the insulation performance of the product, and the more effective it is in reducing heat transfer. Optimo underfloor comes in R2.1 and R2.5 varieties. R2.1 is suitable for temperate climates and R2.5 is recommended for very cold climates. All the Bradford underfloor insulation segments are 1160mm long.

To calculate how many packs you will need you first need to measure the area of flooring to be insulated. This can only be done by inspecting the sub-floor area as you need to determine whether access is available for the entire floor.

Once the area of floor to be insulation is determined, deduct about 10% to allow for timber framing, and then divide the remaining area by the amount of square metres of insulation in the bag, noting that this will vary depending on the R-value and thickness of the insulation.

Keep Safe with Bradford Gold Underfloor Insulation

Bradford’s advanced manufacturing creates products that are safe for allergy sufferers, allowing you and your family to breathe easy with this added peace of mind. Optimo maintains the best possible fire ratings. When tested to NZ fire standards, Bradford Optimo didn’t ignite, burn or contribute to a fire. In fact, Optimo can hinder the spread of flame. Optimo underfloor is also classified as non-combustible. Some other insulation products can melt when exposed to a flame and emit toxic fumes. Bradford Optimo is naturally resistant to insect and vermin attack.

Order your Badford Optimo underfloor insulation from Pricewise Insulation today!

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R1.6, R2.6


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