Pink® Batts® Silencer MidFloor Insulation

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Pink Batts Silencer Mid Floor Insulation

This mid floor insulation from Pink Batts is a lightweight flexible glass wool insulation product designed  for the effective acoustic insulating of mid floor cavities and internal walls. The insulation batts fit easily in standard wall constructions, or be easily cut to fit in non-standard constructions.

The Pink Batts Silencer Mid Floor Insulation Range has many benefits. It is an effective sound absorber, reducing noise transmission between room. It is non-combustible, and is made using over 80% recycled glass, making it a very environmentally friendly product.  The mid floor insulation is manufactured in New Zealand, further reducing its environmentally footprint.

Steps to achieving a quieter home

Installing quality high density mid floor insulation is only one of many ways to achieving a quieter home. Below are some additional tips which can help, and it starts at the design stage. Try to ensure your layout allows for different noise zones. Group rooms with similar noise levels together – e.g.

  • bedrooms and studies
  • lounge rooms, dining rooms, rumpus and home cinema or media rooms
  • bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and laundries

Wherever possible, keep bedrooms as far away from living areas as possible, and consider the proximity of any noisy roads when determining the location of any bedrooms and living areas. Soft flooring such as carpets also help to reduce the noise levels within the home.

Installation Instructions for Pink Batts Silencer Mid Floor Insulation

Correctly installing the insulation with no compression, gaps or folds is critical to ensure that the performance of the Pink® Batts® mid floor insulation is not compromised.

Following are some general guidelines which will help keep you out of trouble:

Prior to installation of your mid floor insulation, check for all hazards that may cause injury. Carry out repair work without delay. Ensure that there is adequate lighting to identify any hazards. Treat all electrical cables as live, and never hammer, staple or use cutting tools very close to electrical cables. Repair damaged, exposed or hanging cables immediately, and be very careful not to cut or expose cables and wires. Take care when working around other sharp objects (protruding nails, splinters etc.), pests (bees and wasps), loose boards and pipe work. Always seek professional advice if you are unsure how best to isolate the hazard or have a professional installer carry out the work on your behalf. Contact us if you would like a quote for professional installation.

Below is a list of recommended personal protective equipment and basic tools for DIY installation.

  • Loose fitting, long sleeve clothing
  • Step ladder
  • Dust mask
  • Knife and cutting board
  • Rubber faced gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • rubber soled footwear

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