Pink® Batts® SnugFloor® Thermal Insulation

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Application of Pink Batts Floor Insulation

  • Reduce heat loss in new and existing homes with suspended floors
  • Eliminate draughts through exposed floorboards
  • Assist in meeting the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) for different designs and environments

How to Install Pink Batts Underfloor Insulation

Installing Pink Batts Cosyfloor

Pink Batts Snugfloor (or cosyfloor, as some aptly call it) takes the chill off your floorboards in winter and helps to maintain a more stable indoor temperature. The result is an increase in comfort and in energy savings, as you rely less on heating and cooling systems. Your Pink Batts underfloor insulation price is a one off expense as you can expect the insulation to last for the life of your home.

Features and Benefits

  • High R-values – R-values up to R2.6 can provide over twice the minimum required by the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC)(1)
  • Easy to install – lightweight, flexible and simple design makes the installation fast and easy especially when joists are uneven or out of kilter
  • Internationally certified for Indoor Air Quality – gives assurance that products meet strict chemical emissions limits
  • Non-combustible – will not easily burn in the event of a fire
  • Made from over 80% recycled glass making sustainable use of waste
  • Made in New Zealand – designed for New Zealand building conditions and reduces emissions associated with the importing of overseas manufactured product
  • BRANZ appraised – gives independent assurance of the durability required by NZBC

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