Pink® Batts® Retrofit Ceiling Insulation

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Buy now and get FAST DELIVERY to practically anywhere in New Zealand! Pink® Batts® retrofit ceiling insulation made to meet RTA requirements. Available in R2.9 and R3.3

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About Pink Batts Retrofit Insulation

Pink® Batts® retrofit ceiling insulation is a lightweight flexible glass wool insulation product designed to:

  • Meet the requirements of the residential tenancy act. 
  • Thermally insulate ceilings in new homes, be retrofitted into existing homes without insulation, or to top up existing insulation for better performance.
  • Fit easily into standard ceiling constructions, or be easily cut to fit in non-standard constructions.

How to Install Pink Batts Retrofit Ceiling Insulation

Pink Batts Retrofit Gives Energy Savings Every Year

If your home does not currently have adequate ceiling insulation, now is the time to act. Un-insulated ceilings account for most heat gains in summer and heat losses in winter. Installing ceiling insulation is one of the best investments home owners can make. In fact, many people report having earned back the initial investment through energy savings already in the first few years.

Features and Benefits

  • R-values – R-values 2.9 and 3.3 to meet new RTA insulation requirements.
  • Easy to install – lightweight, flexible and simple design makes the installation fast and easy.
  • Internationally certified for Indoor Air Quality – gives assurance that products meet strict chemical emissions limits.
  • Non-combustible – will not easily burn in the event of a fire.
  • Made from over 80% recycled glass – making sustainable use of waste.
  • Pink Batts Retrofit is designed for New Zealand building conditions.


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R2.9, R3.3




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