Spring is Here – Install Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation

Install Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation

Spring is Here – Install Pink Batts Ceiling Insulation

The days are getting longer and warmer, the birds are singing and four-year-old Grace is excited because as she puts it, “my birthday is when the flowers come”. And she’s right. The warm weather is just around the corner and it’s time to open up the blinds, let in the light and welcome spring into our homes! Everywhere you look people seem to be in good spirits and some of us have already started on those “we’ll wait until the weather’s warmer” projects. It’s also no surprise that the term spring cleaning is a common phenomenon for many. With renewed energy, jobs around the house that have been piling up in the too hard basket suddenly become manageable.

Jobs Around the House Aren’t That Hard, After All

It’s almost like your perceptiveness is sharpened by the change in the air and it becomes obvious what is to be thrown out and where the odds and ends actually belong. You spend less time thinking and dreading, and more time doing. Jobs around the house that seemed so impossible are actually not that hard, and you wonder why you put them off for so long. Take the draught that blew through your house all winter that meant your feet were always cold. Now a quick online search inspires you to head down to the nearest hardware store, purchase a draught stopper and install it. Simple.

Inspect Your Ceiling Insulation

Then you’ve had this nagging feeling for ages that there’s something not quite right about your energy bills. Nothing drastic, but you just seem to be paying a lot to heat your house and yet it seems to escape a bit too quickly when you turned the heating off. You get into some old clothes and spend a few minutes climbing up into your roof space. Your sneaking suspicion was spot on. While the insulation is there, some of it has moved and created gaps, allowing much of your heat to escape. Not only that, but it appears that a good portion of the insulation has possibly been wet at some point, rendering it useless.

Install Pink Batts and Save on your Energy Bills

After another quick google search, read up on the suggestions of Pricewise Insulation. You find expert advice along with a suggested insulation solution. A week later you’ve removed all your old ceiling insulation,  and replaced it with thick, brand new Pink Batts. In one way it’s a pity you didn’t do it earlier. But then again, summer will be here before you know it and at least you’ll be turning on your air conditioning unit, confident that the energy is well spent.