Acoustic Soundproofing Insulation

Reduce and block out unwanted noise with soundproofing insulation

High density soundproofing insulation segments are designed to give effective sound absorption and reduce noise transfer between rooms. The acoustic insulation segments are of a higher density making them a great and easy lightweight product for soundproofing your home or room.

The soundproofing insulation segments are ideal for insulating metal and timber stud wall systems and for filling in between floors and ceilings. Acoustic insulation segments all have added thermal benefits to help make your home more comfortable. Peruse our website for free advice on the best soundproof insulation products for your residential insulation project.

Acoustic Insulation for NZ Homes

Installing acoustic insulation in your home can absorb as much as 75% of the sound. This helps to soundproof the home or room to acceptable levels. We sell well known brands in such as Knauf Earthwool Glasswool, Bradford Gold and GreenStuf Polyester. Knauf Earthwool Internal Wall (acoustic) insulation segments are available in Basic Performance (11kg/m³), Ultra Performance (14kg/m³) and High Density (18kg/m³, 20kg/m³ and 27kg/m³) sound absorbing performance levels.

Bradford Acoustic Gold Wall Insulation segments are available in R1.8 and R2.2. Autex offers Greenstuf Polyester Sound Solution insulation in both pads (segments) and roll form.

Consider underfloor soundproofing as well as internal walls

While many home owners agree that installing insulation in their internal walls is non negotiable, many do not consider the sound that will inevitably travel between floors in a multi storey house. Think long term, especially if your sleeping areas are directly above your living and entertainment areas, and include underfloor soundproofing in your budget.

Difference between thermal and acoustic insulation

Both acoustic and bulk (thermal) insulation have thermal insulation qualities. Acoustic insulation is however much more dense, which gives it more effective soundproofing properties. Acoustic insulation can be used to create quiet zones within your home or to block out the sound of a busy road.

Acoustic insulation segments are ideal for soundproofing:

+ Home theatres + Home offices, study or parents’ retreats + Bathrooms and ensuites + Laundries + External walls + Nursery/kids rooms

Discount Knauf, Bradford and Greenstuf Polyester acoustic insulation

Read up on these brands before you buy Knauf Earthwool Acoustic Segments, Bradford Gold or Greenstuf Polyester at discount prices.