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Here in New Zealand we are beginning to see the effects poorly insulated homes have had on our health. We now realise that staying warm and dry during the cold winter months is necessary for a healthy life style. Houses with raised (or exposed) underfloors require at least some insulation to maximise the overall energy efficiency of the home. Without underfloor insulation, the exposed underfloor will allow unwanted heat transfer – both through the actual floor material, and of course through any cracks or gaps in the floor. Installing underfloor insulation properly will practically eliminate this, and as with all thermal insulation, will help to reduce the energy requirement on any heating and cooling appliances.

Underfloor insulation options

An R-Value of R2.0 under the floor is considered more than sufficient for the majority of New Zealand homes. Underfloor insulation is available in a number of different brands including Knauf Insulation, Bradford Insulation, Pink Batts and Autex Polyester. Here we will focus on 3 popular brands, and explain in which scenarios we would recommend each of these brands. These are not the only underfloor insulation options, and if need be, any of these brands may be used in any of the applications which are described here.

Existing floor – install from underneath

Installing insulation underneath an old house can be a tough job. Knauf’s R1.8 Earthwool® Glasswool Underfloor Roll comes in a pack of 2 rolls, 600mm x 10 metres. It is new generation of softer, safer and more environmentally friendly glasswool insulation that has a wind wash barrier to make it even more thermally efficient.

Another popular option is Knauf’s Knauf Earthwool® Glasswool Insulation Underfloor Segments which is available in 480mm and 610mm widths. These segments are available in R1.8 and R2.2 and will fit snugly between underfloor joists. Earthwool Glasswool insulation is the most pleasant to work with of all the glasswool insulation brands.

New floor – install from above

If you’re laying a new floor, then seize the chance by installing underfloor insulation before the floor is laid. GreenStuf Polyester Underfloor Insulation is perfect for this – just roll it out and staple it into place onto the side of the underfloor joists. Always take care to avoid coming into contact with any wiring or other utilities. This product is available R1.5 and R1.8 and widths of 450mm, 500mm or 600mm.

Existing floor – excess exposure

Certain factors, such as the height of the underfloor, the absence of surrounding walls and the prevalence of wind gusts can make the underfloor insulation more susceptible to wear over time. Bradford’s Optimo Underfloor is the most rigid of these three brands. The stiffer consistency makes it easy to install, and over time may help to reduce any effects of the wind and weather blowing underneath the house.

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