Theatre Room Insulation

Theatre room insulation for New Zealand homes

What is sound insulation and which rooms should have internal wall acoustic insulation?

Sound (or acoustic) insulation for walls within the house helps to reduce the transmission of sound from room to room by absorbing the vibrations that would otherwise have passed through.

There are many good reasons to install internal wall acoustic insulation (also referred to as sound insulation or sound proofing insulation) in the home. There is no single formula to determine which rooms should and shouldn’t be insulated with sound insulation, but understanding how insulation works acoustically can help you decide which rooms to prioritize.

Soundproofing internal walls of theatre rooms and TV rooms is a must. If the theatre room is connected to the outside wall of the house, think about your neighbours and consider replacing normal thermal insulation with a hi-density wall insulation. Without acoustic insulation in the internal walls the noise emanating from the theatre room will potentially dominate the whole house when the room is in use.

Where to buy insulation for your home

A great product to consider is Knauf’s Earthwool R2.8 Super Hi-Density Acoustic Wall insulation. At Pricewise Insulation, we can deliver insulation directly to your door. Deliveries are typically made within 2 – 4 business days to major cities (Auckland and Christchurch). We also ship to other cities and regional areas, but you should allow a few extra business days for remote and regional deliveries.

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