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Which home insulation brand should I choose?

We often get asked questions like “which company produces the best home insulation material”, while others wonder whether going for the cheapest insulation brand is ok. The insulation price is not necessarily an indicator that one insulation will perform better than another. In fact, the performance of thermal home insulation (which helps keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter) is measured in “R-Value.”

Different insulation brands – similar performance

R-value measures how effective the insulation segments are at restricting the transfer of heat and cold. Generally speaking, a thicker insulation segment or insulation blanket will have a higher R-Value. An R2.0 wall insulation segment, for example, will provide a good amount of thermal insulating benefits, regardless of the insulation brand.

Choosing your home insulation brand

Broadly speaking the three factors which should determine your choice of brand are:

  • Your budget
  • Where you live
  • Your personal preference

Checking freight charges to find the best home insulation material for you

If you’re working to a budget and looking for the cheapest insulation, then delivery – or freight – may be as important a consideration as the actual insulation price. It might well be that the best wall insulation or ceiling insulation brand for your project, is the one which doesn’t cost the earth to get transported to your site!

Standard freight charges across major capital cities

If you live in or around one of the major capital cities, then the cost of getting insulation delivered to you should be similar across the majority of insulation brands, regardless of whether we ship directly from one of our own warehouses or via one of our partner suppliers.

Huge differences in freight charges for remote areas!

However if you live in a more regional or remote area, then the price will vary greatly between the different insulation brands. It could be that the most expensive insulation brand actually turns out to be the cheapest insulation for you when combined with their freight charges. To enable us to give you the best advice, phone us on 0800 697 742 or send us an email and tell us about your project – where you need the insulation delivered to, when you need it by, which R-Values you need for the walls and ceilings etc.

For more detailed information on the various insulation brands we sell, check out our Insulation Options page.

Tips for handling insulation bales

Insulation is typically a very bulky product, regardless of insulation brands. It comes in bags that weigh between 8 and 18kg, and these bags are typically wrapped in plastic to form “bales” of insulation, that contain 4 or 5 bags. One bale of Earthwool can weigh more than 70kg. Moving these around by hand can prove difficult if you don’t have the luxury of a forklift when receiving your delivery of insulation, or when you need to move it around the building site. But providing you are reasonably fit and apply the correct technique, you can move it around quite easily, saving time as well as your back.

Instead of trying to drag or carry the bale, lift it so that it is standing in upright. This is easier if you have a second person. Once the bale is standing, brace yourself behind it and push it forward, using your body weight to assist. The bale will start rolling forward, so walk after it, pushing as you go.

This works best on even ground, particularly driveways, as there is little chance of the bale tipping sideways. But if you find the task too difficult, split the bale open and drag or carry the bags individually.