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Underfloor Insulation Rolls | Autex GreenStuf

GreenStuf underfloor insulation rolls are designed for the thermal insulation of residential and commercial buildings. Underfloor insulation rolls helps to reduce airborne sound from floors (including booming from footfall) by absorbing reverberant noise under the floor.

The GreenStuf thermal underfloor insulation rolls come conveniently packaged for easy storage and transport. It is non toxic, non allergenic, non irritant, non flammable, and is naturally resistant to insects and vermin. Being made entirely from bonded polyester, it is among the softest and most pleasant insulation product to work with, and no protective equipment is required from exposure to GreenStuf insulation.

Each bag of GreenStuf polyester insulation includes manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the insulation. You can also visit out D.I.Y. install page for tips and advice on how to install your own underfloor insulation.

Installing Underfloor Insulation Rolls- Safety First!

When undertaking any job on a building site, the first thing to consider is safety. While installing underfloor insulation may not seem like the most dangerous of tasks, it does come with its own set of hazards.
The area beneath the house may often contain leftover rubbish from when the house was built; discarded bricks, protruding nails, pipes and broken glass. If there is plenty of space to stand, the risks are much reduced. However, if underfloor access is very low, you may find yourself crawling or even lying on your back in order to install your insulation, and extra care needs to be taken to avoid injury.
Use a torch, headlamp or otherwise light up the area you will be working in; this will help you to avoid any potential hazards before you come in contact with them. Take care when moving around and don’t rush. Safety glasses are strongly recommended to avoid dust and debris from falling down into your eyes.

Why insulate under the floor?

While most heat loss occurs through the ceiling and wall, the underfloor area is also a contributing factor. Typical flooring materials such as timber and tiles are effective heat conductors. The constant transfer of temperature through the floor is particularly noticeable in winter time. While the room temperature may be comfortably warm from the air-conditioning or other heating appliances, the floor will still remain cold. Any cracks in the floorboards will only exacerbate the problem.  After you install thermal underfloor insulation, the floorboards will warm up together with the air-temperature inside the house, meaning you won’t need to wear a triple layer of socks to keep your feet warm throughout the coldest winter months! Similarly in hot weather, a properly installed layer of GreenStuf Underfloor insulation will minimise the escape of the cooled down air down through the floor.

Nationwide Delivery of Underfloor Insulation Rolls

At Pricewise Insulation, we sell underfloor insulation rolls at wholesale prices direct to the public. We ship directly to all major New Zealand cities including Hamilton, Auckland, Christchurch and Tauranga. We can also deliver to most other areas in New Zealand. Allow at least two business days for your order to be delivered.

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